It's amazing! The second week of school has already ended!

I'm determined that this year is going to go by quickly. I would like to begin my big girl job soon, enough of this school stuff.


This has been my theme so far for the year, you can never have enough folders or organization.

I found these ones online today, i thought that they looked super cute. Although I already have some for myself this year, I might have to invest in more.


I've started a new project this summer with the scrapbooks. I have not really been doing my own, but rather I have been working on one for my soon to be sister-in-law. This is not an image out of the one I'm working on, but this just gives you an idea.
I find that with scrapbooking you can be creative or as dull as you want. It all just comes down to the mood you're in, and the feeilngs that you're getting fromt the pictures in front of you. Do you want to make it dramatic, exciting, happy, scarry, romantic or just crazy?! There are so many different options when it comes to creating this book.
Maybe some day in the future I'll be able to open my own shop!
(just a dream, but hey it could happen!)




It turns out that I really enjoy being organized, everything in my life has organization to it...even if it doesn't look like it.

Earlier today my computer was cleaned off, all of my music was saved to a hard drive, but unfortunately a lot of it got mixed on this particular hard drive with another person's music. After a few hours of trying to sort through it and put what was mine back on to my computer I could just not quite find all of it. Bummer deal.

Being unorganized and not having all of my ducks in a row in any aspect of life is really uncofortable.

Lesson for the day: if I want to keep my organization, do it myself, in my own time.


I'll Be There For You

Friends is arguably one of the best shows created. No matter what mood I'm in, Friends makes life better :)


New Blog

I've decided that starting a blog is something I need to do. I realize that my URL is "comfiestclothes" and there's a reason. Who doesn't feel good in their mosty comfortable clothes? I don't know anyone who doesn't. My point is, I'm trying to make it comfortable.

As my third year in college at good old NDSU is coming to a close I am realizing now more than ever how fortunate I've been. A good home to live in, food always on the table, and a job that is very flexible to work with me and my hours.

Since I've been majoring in communications I've come across a few classes that I've really ended up liking. Intro to Communication Theory has to be one of those classes. At the begining of the semester I was not too thrilled for this new adventure, but I'm finding out that the more I learn about all of these people and their crazy communication ideas, the more I like it. Of course it helps to have a professor that explains things in detail and allows for discussions and random tangents here and there :)

I'm looking forward to summer now more than ever. I can't wait for those blistering hot days when all you want to do is go for a nice relaxing swim in the warm sun.

I stopped biting my nails about 2.5 weeks ago and I'm fighting the urge to bite them. Wish me luck on being able to actually have fingernails!